Vacation Bible School 2020 is Online!

If you would like your child to participate in the Crafts and Games, here is a list of items needed for each day.

Feel free to get creative with substitutions.

Day One

Craft: Shape Train; 9×12 White Construction Paper, 1 ½ inch strip of Green Construction Paper, Various Colors of Construction Paper cut into Squares, Rectangles, Circles and Triangles, Cotton Balls, Glue Stick, Optional: Crayons, Markers.

Games: Beach or Medium size ball, Plastic Drink Cups (12 or 16 oz. size).

Rocky Wrap-Up (Closing): Train Track Challenge Papers(In Kit)

Day Two

Craft: Amazing Ava; ½ White Paper Plate, with a hole punched in each end of straight edge, 6×9 Inch Sheet of Tissue Paper, 3 Inch Construction Paper Circle in Orange or Brown, 3 Craft Feathers (Red if you have them), Two Googly Eyes, Small Construction Paper Triangle in Yellow for Beak, 2 Foot Length of Curling Ribbon, Brown Crayon or Marker, Glue Stick, Transparent Tape or Stapler.

Games: Rubber bands, plastic cups, spaghetti and rigatoni or ziti

Day Three

Craft: CHOO CHOO CHOOSE JESUS; Color your own Train Whistle (online at Oriental Trading) Markers or Crayons, Optional: Stickers.

Games: Relay (Large Adult shirt, towel, chair, hat, lei, large shoes, sunglasses, large stuffed animal), glow sticks (optional)

Day Four

Craft: Open the Gates; 9×12 White Construction Paper, Red and White Paper Straw Cut in Half, ½ x 5 Inch Construction Paper Rectangles in Brown (2 per child), Brads/Paper Fasteners (2 per child), One Inch Red Dot Stickers (4 per child), ½ x 1 ¾ Inch Colored Labels or Construction Paper Rectangles in Yellow or Orange (4 per child), Glue Stick.

Games: Water balloons, straws, marshmallows

Day Five

Craft: Awesome Antlers; Large Brown Construction Paper Cut Horizontally in Half, 9×12 White Construction Paper, Markers, Brown Crayons, Large Googly Eyes (2 per child), Black Pom Pom, Glue Stick, Stapler or Transparent Tape.

Games: Marshmallows (both sizes), spaghetti, muffin tin, straws


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Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Vacation Bible School Rocky Railway Day 5