Christ the Servant Lutheran Church is a diverse, growing church where all people find an inviting, welcoming, safe place to explore and grow in spirituality, faith and discipleship. We are a church where engaging in ministry is meaningful, fulfilling, enriching, adventurous, and exhilarating!

Our compelling commission is to be a church that looks toward the future. We will be one step ahead of the times in order that we may speak to a constantly changing culture. We will be enthusiastically outward focused, seeking to engage those not actively involved in faith development on a path of discipleship. Every person will experience a personal connection with others starting from their first contact. That connection will multiply itself as all become enthused with the life of inviting and welcoming. We will become known for joy, enthusiasm and life-transformation in Jesus Christ. We will use all tools and methods in carrying out our mission. We will seek creative solutions to all challenges. We will encourage people to follow their passions in serving Christ, creating new opportunities where none existed before.

We will create a contagious excitement to forward our mission above and beyond our accomplishments. Looking beyond the confines of our limited property, we will continue to grow, multiplying in other locations with the resources and mission of Christ the Servant Lutheran Church. We will become a presence of Christ throughout Henderson and southern Las Vegas.

Our Staff Members

Pastor Diane Drach-Meinel

Pastor Diane grew up in Tucson, Arizona. While in high school she met her future husband, Dave at church. After five years of courtship, they were married in 1980. They...

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Pastor Dave Drach-Meinel

Pastor Dave grew up in the desert of southern Arizona just outside Tucson. While in high school he met his future wife, Diane at church. After five years of courtship,...

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Alicia Montague

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